David Grimmond AvatarThe Dominion Post’s David Grimmond (an economist at Infometrics) reflects on a recent preview screening of the Song of the Kauri.

In what Grimmond refers to as “not a review, but rather a reaction” to the film, he states “What interested me most were the economic and environmental messages underpinning the film… ” Grimmond goes on to say:

Good documentaries raise awareness about important issues for a society. There is no sensationalism in Song of the Kauri, but in its quiet way, it draws attention to a very important issue for New Zealanders. It is about the restoration of a unique natural habitat that will promote eco-diversity.

It argues eloquently for a method that will provide economic opportunities for owners of native forest as well as potentially providing more opportunities for New Zealanders to create beautiful things from a special New Zealand resource.

Read Grimmond’s “reaction” in full on Stuff.co.nz “Film conveys how kauri can be protected” (July 8th 2012, David Grimmond)

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Mathurin has been involved in the New Zealand film industry since 1985. Song of the Kauri is his documentary directorial debut and he has surrounded himself with a stellar cast of uniquely talented people who are all impassioned by this project and share a common vision to tell this story. More about Mathurin

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