Mark Mazengarb, musician

Mark Mazengarb, musician

Mark Mazengarb is a professional musician and guitarist currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. After finishing high school in 2002, Mark moved to Wellington to complete his Bachelor of Music Degree through the Wellington Conservatorium of Music, majoring in classical performance. In his final year, Mark undertook an exchange to the University of North Carolina where he discovered the world of Bluegrass and the music of guitar greats Chet Atkins, Merle Travis and Jerry Reed. Since then he has become hooked on fingerstyle guitar playing, and has also become a highly accomplished jazz, folk and bluegrass musician.

Since graduating from University in 2006, Mark has visited the USA several times where he has learned from a variety of esteemed guitarists including Tommy Emmanuel and John Knowles. At the Auckland Folk Festival in 2008, he was the recipient of the Frank-Winter memorial Award, given to aspiring young musicians with clear musical goals. In 2010 Mark was invited with Loren Barrigar to perform as a guest artist at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society’s annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Mark has toured extensively throughout New Zealand, has performed in Australia and Europe, and plans to begin touring in the USA in 2012.

Currently Mark has a busy performance schedule throughout New Zealand where he performs in several bands and also as a soloist. He has finished several major recording projects since his debut album “Acoustic Affair” came out in 2009. Recently Mark has recorded a new album with the band “Beyondsemble” and also one with the band “Fiddlelore”. His latest project has been the completion of his album with Loren Barrigar.

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